Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Our Wood is Climate Friendly

1.33 Million Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide Emissions Saved - Which equates to 7.5 billion kilometres driven in a normal car

Over the past twenty years Lillevilla Log Cabins have been sold in the UK and worldwide.

During that time over 1.3 million cabins have been sold and 1 million cubic metres of sawn timber used. Two thirds of that timber has been used in the production of these log buildings and the remaining third is recycled for bio-energy as an alternative to fossil fuels.

In summary that means a reduction of 1.33 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions which equates to 7.5 billion kilometres driven saved!

This calculation is based on non-renewable materials such as concrete, PVCU and steel.

Trees absorb carbon and we use a supplier/manufacturer from Finland. Finnish forests act as carbon sinks due to the forests growing faster than they are harvested.

Looking at this another - One car manufacturer is advertising how many tonnes of CO2 they save.

They State:

  • 57,000 tn CO2 = 320 million driven kilometres by personal car. One kilometre with a personal car is causing 178g/CO2 per kilometre.
With this formula our figures:
  • 1.33 million tn CO2 = 7.47 billion km with personal car.
  • 33 million tn compensated CO2 = 1,330,000 tn. This multiplied by 1,000kg/tn = 1,330,000,000 kg CO2. This divided by 0,178 kg/m pollution by one driven kilometre = 7,471,910,112 driven km by car = 7.5 billion driven km/year.

'We are proud our Lillevilla Log Cabins are a natural product and make a positive contribution to the environment'.

From the best raw material in the world

The durability and highest possible quality of our products are the most important things that steer our production. That is why every Lillevilla log cabin is manufactured using only the best, Nordic raw material. By drying the timber to 18%, we optimise it to tolerate all kind of weather conditions. We use only PEFC-certified timber, which guarantees that we know precisely the origin of the used raw material.

Responsibly manufactured

We pay extra attention, that every process lives up to the standards, from a responsibility, environmental, and quality point of view. We are committed in all our actions to develop and monitor our quality and environmental awareness. This is backed up by our ISO 9001- and 14001 certificates. The CE-certificate stands for the high quality of our products.

Luoman Certificates

Wood Construction Supports Sustainable Development

As a building material, wood is natural, clean and inimitable. It is on these terms that we develop Finnish wood construction. Our entire manufacturing process is based on the responsible usage of wood. The ecological footprint of construction activities keeps growing globally. This is why it matters which materials you use.

Compared to other building materials, a wall made of wood takes up only a fraction of the natural resources needed for them. Indeed, the processing of wood actually creates more energy as a by-product than is used by the process. At the end of its life-cycle, a wooden building is either recycled or becomes a source of energy. The amount of carbon dioxide – absorbed by the tree during its growth – contained in a standard wooden house is equivalent to driving a car for up to ten years.

This is why building your house of wood is a concrete step for a cleaner climate. We support the sustainable use of natural resources through the processing of Finnish wood into high-quality building products. While a new wooden house is being built, new saplings are already growing in the forest.

Monday, 22 February 2016

The Timber We Use

The Timber We Use

For our log cabins we only use a slow grown and hardy Spruce. Spruce is useful as a building
material, commonly referred to by several different names including spruce, pine or fir collectively known as white-wood. Spruce wood is used for  number of purposes, varying from general construction work to highly specialised uses in wooden aircraft. The Wright brothers' first aircraft, the Flyer, was built of spruce.
The Spruce we use is a slow grown variety from near the Arctic circle, meaning that it is tougher and more resistant to warping and splitting. Being natural product it still does get the occasional warp or split but not the the severity of the faster grown alternate timbers.

Spruce is one of the most important timbers for paper uses. It has long fibres which bind together to make strong paper. The fibres are thin walled and collapse to thin bands upon drying. Spruces are commonly used in mechanical pulping as they are easily bleached, which can be a problem if the log cabin is left untreated or treated with a clear stain resulting in sun bleaching as it does not offer much UV protection. 

Food and Medicine
The fresh shoots from a spruce tree are a natural source of vitamin C. Captain James Cook made alcoholic sugar-based spruce beer during his sea voyages in order to prevent scurvy in his crew. The
leaves and branches, or the essential oils, can be used to brew spruce beer.
The tips from the needles can be used to make spruce tip syrup. In survival situations spruce needles can be directly ingested or boiled into a tea. This replaces large amounts of vitamin C. Also, water is stored in a spruce's needles, providing an alternative means of hydration. Spruce can be used as a preventive measure for scurvy in an environment where meat is the only prominent food source.

Wood used in soundboards for many musical instruments, including guitars, mandolins, cellos, violins, and the soundboard at the heart of a piano and the harp are know as tonewoods. Spruce is the standard material for these instruments and for this purpose can be referred to as a tonewood.

Other Uses
The resin was used in the manufacture of pitch in the past; the scientific name Picea is generally thought to be derived from Latin pix, pitch. Spruces are also popular ornamental trees in horticulture, admired for their evergreen, symmetrical narrow-conic growth habit. For the same reason, some are also extensively used as Christmas trees.

To see our full range of log cabins products please head over to our website which is www.lillevilla.co.uk and find that extra space just for you. Whether that be a toys and gadgets haven or a peaceful and serene retreat.
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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Our Show Sites

Our Show Sites

As the popularity and reputation of our log cabins grow, we have taken on several resellers across the country to accommodate customers in a variety of areas. 

Essex showsite
White Elm Garden Centre
White Elm Road
P: 01245 400202
E: info@lillevilla.co.uk 

This is not only our main show site but also acts as our head office. We man this site seven days a week and are always more than happy to have a chat over the phone, by email or in person.

Regatta Garden Furniture
(A127 Southend Bound between A132 and A130)
Hoverfield Avenue
SS12 9JA

P: 01268 906137 (Homes in Stone)

This is one of our newest show sites located on the A127 in Wickford. In the short space of time this site has been opened we have already had a large number of people coming in and talking to the staff manning the site. This has led to many a new log cabin order and more happy customers. This site is manned by the people over at Homes in Stone who also have a presence here. Head over and have a chat with Steve or any of the other friendly faces at Homes in Stone for either a log cabin or some of their products found on their website. 

Kent Showsite
Woodlands Garden Centre
Ash Lane
Near Sevenoaks
TN15 7EG
P: 01474 852788

Woodlands is a well-established large family run Garden Centre that was established in 1969. They are located near Sevenoaks in Kent along Ash Lane just off the A20 between Wrotham and West Kingsdown. Gardeners of all ages and experience are welcome to visit and talk to their friendly, knowledgeable staff, whether you have a specific need or just wish to browse. They have a large selection of garden related products, including Lillevilla log cabins, available to buy in store or online. They are fast becoming one of Kent's top garden centres. - See more at: Woodlands and see their range of cabins by clicking Here.

Devon Showsite
Riviera Log Cabins
Newton Abbot
TQ12 5AU
P: 01803 872666

A company with traditional values formed to offer a range of high quality outside solutions.

They cover a wide range of decking choices, bespoke timber buildings, Lillevilla log cabins, out buildings, summer houses, children's play areas, as well as garden furniture and supplies for the commercial, leisure and residential sectors.

Specialists in prestige timber, uPVC decking and Millboard Composite Decking; these boards are cut and installed like real wood decking but without any of the commonly associated problems. Having an anti-slip surface also means you can reduce the risk of nasty accidents occurring... 

Wiltshire Showsite
Porton Garden Aquatics & Pets
Porton Garden Centre
P: 01980 611116

Situated just a few miles from Stonehenge and the historic city of Salisbury, Porton Garden Aquatic & Pets has been trading for over 25 years and is dedicated to providing top quality products at low prices, coupled with a strong customer service. Their aim is to provide something for everyone. 

Wild Moose Garden Buildings

Garden Pride
Common Lane
East Sussex
P: 01323 332456

Wild Moose Garden Buildings supply and install a beautiful range of Finnish log cabins throughout the South East of England in East & West Sussex, Surrey and Kent. Our log cabins are manufactured in Finland by Louman, a family run business who have earned a reputation for producing traditional Finnish log cabins of the highest quality.

Living Outside Limited

The Oaks Garden Centre
Queen Anne Drive
BH21 3BA
P:01202 797211

Living Outside are Dorset's number one outdoor living company. Covering Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Devon. We design and create bespoke outdoor entertaining areas.

Visit our Website for more information and our full product range: www.lillevilla.co.uk


Phone Number: 01245 400202

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

How to Choose Your Log Cabin

How to choose your log cabin

There are several important factors to consider when choosing your log cabin. Listed below is some information you should consider when making your decision.

Step 1: Decide on the use of your cabin: Summer house, garden office, extra room for the house, storage, gym or a man cave.

Summer house - If you are mainly wishing to use your cabin during the summer months. With our 44 mm thick log walls to help keep your warm and dry throughout the summer. Lillevilla 125 for example.

Garden office - If you are considering building a garden office, creating a space away from the house where you can go and focus on the task at hand. With 44 mm logs, double glazed windows, lockable doors and a large open space to fit your desk and storage, then a Lillevilla cabin is an ideal choice for you. For a garden office consider upgrading to include roof and floor insulation to help keep you warm and cosy all year round. Lillevilla 345 for example.

Extra room for your house - Our cabins would definitely be cost effective answer to adding an extra room to the house. With the majority of our cabins being beneath 2.5 metres in height, they avoid the need for planning permission (if in any doubt then please check with your local council). Adding the upgraded roofing shingles will not only prevent having to roofing felt every few years, but also looks a lot nicer and are far more durable than standard roofing felt. Lillevilla 129 for example.

Gym - This is a popular choice for quite a few customers owed to the new desire for health and fitness hitting the country. The majority of people do not have room within the house to install a gym. The Lillevilla log cabins aid in creating the required space to fit your exercise equipment and help keep you fit and healthy ( they only thing we can't do is make you use it!). Lillevilla 126 for example.

Step 2:  Working out what space you have available for your cabin to be built onto. Take a tape measure and collect your measurements. Take into account the maintenance of the cabin, you will need to treat your cabin every few years depending on the treatment that you use.

We offer two main styles of cabin the traditional and contemporary. The traditional style comes with an apex roof with double glazing widows on the front. The contemporary style cabin has a pent roof with large front windows opening the cabin up to daylight.

Head over to our website products page and utilize our simple sliders that will help you make your choice of cabin. Each cabin has optional extra's to help create a product to help create your ideal log cabin. We have an online chat service to help assist you with any inquiries you have when attempting to make your decision.

Visit our Website for more information and our full product range: www.lillevilla.co.uk


Phone Number: 01245 400202

Friday, 6 March 2015

Ideal Home Show Ticket Give Away

Ideal Home Show Ticket Give Away

It is that time of year again and the Ideal Home Show is just around the corner. This year as a way to reward our customers we sent out a mailshot asking for any pictures of their cabins that they may have as well as a short comment. The first 50 people to respond would receive two free tickets to the Ideal Home Show. We received an overwhelming response to this including lots of pictures and many positive comments.

"It was very easy to assemble, everything fitted perfectly with very clear easy to understand instructions. I am delighted with my cabin which I use as my workshop (man cave)!"

We received well over the target amount of responses and even had to try to get extra tickets to cover this. We received pictures of several types of log cabins from new to discontinued. If was fantastic to see how well each of the cabins had stood the test of time.

"Hi, thanks for the art room at the end of our garden, I even allow Peter to over winter plants in it. It has been great all the year round and I can't imagine life without it. Wonderful how we could have our own design and windows put on two side,the light and warmth is great."

Over the years we have been building on our customer relations and doing our utmost to keep our customers well informed and satisfied with their cabins and our products reputation. We are always looking for different ways to reward our existing customers and show potential customers the benefits of having a Lillevilla log cabin.

"Just finished applying yacht varnish to our new cabin , very pleased with it . From placing the order to delivery and installation , everything went as promised , very refreshing."

We welcome the chance to chat with people at the shows being as most of our customers find their way to us by word of mouth. Customers have even made videos of themselves putting up their cabins! Click Here For The Video 

"Been waiting 5 years to have my own office, so excited it here now, Guys in the office where really helpful and a big thanks to the boys that made it  sooooooooo pleased with it, Just got to paint it now."

With the Ideal Home Show running from the 20th March to the 6th of April we are looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and some news ones too.

"Baxter the bull mastiff says Buying the Lillevilla Log Cabin was my master’s second best decision  .  .  .  after selecting me from all the other dogs at the animal shelter!"

We thought we would leave you with a parting shot of our new mascot Baxter the Bull Mastiff!

For more information regarding our products please go to: www.lillevilla.co.uk

Phone Number: 01245 400202

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

News Update December 2014 - Trip to Finland and What's To Come

Visiting Our Cabin Supplier in Finland

This week three members of our team headed to Finland to meet with one of our main suppliers of our superb log cabins. One of the aims of the trip is to discuss the possibility of sourcing new log cabins for 2015. The guys are visiting the Luoman sawmill in Parkano.

We use Luoman as a supplier as they always deal in high quality and resilient timber. The timber they use is acquired from near the Arctic circle and is always at its highest quality when it is cut. The area they acquire the logs from is a sustainable forest and this can be seen as they are allowed to use the PEFC logo (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes). They also have Several ISO certificates and the Lillevilla brand have been given the CE mark of approval.

Throughout the year we have been talking to our customers about certain aspects of their cabins that they would either like to see changed or improved upon. After gaining a large amount of positive feedback and a few suggestions we have put this information forward to our supplier and are hoping that some of these changes can be affected in 2015.

Visit our Website for more information and our full product range: www.lillevilla.co.uk


Phone Number: 01245 400202